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Who is Blink Charging Europe?

Get to know us and our business model

Our business model

We invest in your property!

The exponential development of electromobility– which is expected to become even more explosive in the coming years – presents a historic investment opportunity, to which the world’s largest energy and technology groups and automobile manufacturers across the globe are resonating. Blink Charging Europe is at the leading edge of this investment opportunity, delivering unique strategic advantages and promoting a business model that addresses two categories of potential partners:

Property owners

Vehicle fleet owners


According to its business model, Blink Charging Europe is looking for partners in order to lease their properties for the installation and operation of electric vehicle chargers. In this context, Blink Charging Europe undertakes FREE:

Installation of the chargers

Integrated energy management and operation of the entire charger network

Billing of electric charging services

Maintenance of the provided equipment


Blink Charging Europe undertakes the installation of the MODE 3 and MODE 4, fast charging stations in compliance with the requirements of Greek and international law. The type of charger is chosen depending on the location of the property (e.g. on motorways or at commercial points of interest within the urban fabric. In other words, at Blink Charging Europe we invest in our partners’ properties without any financial burden but only financial – and more – benefits for the owners.

What is fast charging?

Blink Europe throughout Greece

Blink Europe makes full use of the many years of experience of American giant Blink Charging Co. in fast charging of electric vehicles, in order to build a proprietary network of charging stations throughout the Greek territory. This network will be based on two lines:

On motorways:

Installation of MODE 4 fast charging stations

(DC / 50kW)

In major cities:

Installation of

MODE 3 fast charging stations (AC / 22kW) in malls, workplaces, airports, parking lots, etc.

The specific type of chargers for motorways and for points of high commercial interest within cities is strategically selected, in full alignment with the particular customer/driver priorities and habits in each case. More specifically:


Along major motorways drivers want their stops to be as short as possible, a need that is optimally addressed by MODE 4 fast charging stations.

Within cities , – e.g. in malls, workplaces, parking lots, etc. – customers/drivers tend to stay for longer periods of time, a need ideally addressed by MODE 3 chargers.


The future of driving is electric

The transition from traditional petrol-powered vehicles to electric vehicles that started a decade ago, has been a gradual process for some, and an exciting leap for others. During recent years, however, the electromobility market has geared up and is currently developing at such a dizzying rate, that all industries involved – the energy sector, the automotive industry and the technology industry – acknowledge that the petrol era is coming to an end, and the future of driving is inevitably electric. Incorporating more and more innovationand environmental awareness, , electric cars have never been safer, more stylish or more exciting to drive. Consumers, businesses and investors are now rushing to exploit the comparative advantages of electromobility.

Advantage points of electromobility

Why invest in electric mobility?

There are four main reasons that make electric mobility an ideal investment choice for consumers and investors:


Financial benefits

Apart from features such as instant torque, quiet driving and top performance, the use of electric vehicles is also accompanied by lower energy and maintenance costs. More specifically:

Energy cost


The cost of charging an electric vehicle is about one third per kilometer, compared to the cost of petrol for the same vehicle.

What about hybrid vehicles?


Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are equipped with a petrol engine that needs regular maintenance. However, due to the fact that the electric motor requires minimal maintenance, this results in less wear and tear on the components of the petrol engine.

Cheaper maintenance


An electric vehicle has far fewer moving parts than a conventional petrol-powered car. Electric vehicles have a relatively small need for service, and moreover lack expensive systems such as exhaust, starter, fuel injection and other petrol related components. Equipped with only one moving part – the rotor – modern car batteries are extremely simple and durable. The main needs of electric cars for maintenance are restricted to inspection of brakes, tyres and suspension. As far as battery wear is concerned, most manufacturers nowadays provide guarantee for their batteries for at least 8 years.

How much does driving cost?


Average annual operating and maintenance costs of vehicles*


Electric: $421

Hybrid: $764

Petrol powered: $1.500

*Source: UCS USA

Lower travel costs


Customers pay for the electricity they consume, avoiding the much more expensive fuel. For an average vehicle with a typical mileage of 15,000 kilometers per year, fuel savings alone can reach up to 800 euros.


A booming market

Electromobility is not a hype, but the new state of affairs in automotive driving. The statistics and forecasts available from bodies such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), a UN-affiliated organisation for the global energy industry, leave no room for dispute.



In 2018, the global fleet of electric cars exceeded 5.1 million, up by 2 million in comparison to the previous year, with an almost doubled number of new electric car sales.

The growth rate of the electric car market in 2019 is expected to be almost 49%.

The global market value of electric vehicles amounted to $118.864 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $567.3 billion by 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 22.3% from 2018 to 2025.

Already, in Norway, sales of electric vehicles of all types exceed 50% of total car sales.

This was stimulated by Norway’s commitment to zero-emission vehicles on its streets by 2025.

A domino of similar policies and commitments is expected from other countries as well, triggering an explosive increase in the sales of electric vehicles.


“Green” charging

Environmental awareness is one of the main reasons why electric driving attracts consumers, businesses and investors. One of the questions often raised, however, is “Why would I prefer electricity generated from fossil fuels such as lignite over the use of petrol or diesel?”

Blink Charging Europe gives the answer:

Thanks to our partnership with the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG), the electricity offered through Blink Charging Europe‘s proprietary network of chargers is generated EXCLUSIVELY from Renewable Energy Sources and, more specifically, by EEG Group‘s wind and solar parks.

Free certification

When you charge at Blink Europe you will receive the FREE «Green Badge» from WE ENERGY, which certifies that you are using 100% green power.


Increase the competitiveness of your business!

With the «Green Badge» you achieve:



Reduction of the carbon footprint

Compliance with the highest targets and the most stringent standards applicable internationally with regard to the reduction of atmospheric pollutants

Strengthening of corporate social responsibility actions by certifying the green power of your business


Health & Environment

Environmental awareness


Electric vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transport. Key precondition for this, is the greatest possible penetration of Renewable Energy Sources in the charging of vehicles. Ensuring green charging should be a priority, in order to highlight the value of electric mobility for the future.

Health and quality of life


Using electric vehicles has immediate results in the fight against urban pollution too. Extensive use of electric vehicles and replacement of internal combustion engines eliminates pollutants and significantly reduces noise levels in urban areas.

Financial benefits

Redeem green growth

If you are a property or business owner:

Benefit from the installation of Blink Europe

chargers on your property according to our business model,

and actively participate in promoting green growth. Installing

Blink Europe chargers on your property comes with the following benefits:

Increase of your property’s value

Competitive advantage as a pole of attraction for the electric vehicle owners and green development focused public

Privileged access and increased provision of accompanying services to electric vehicle owners and green development focused public

Attraction of advertisements addressed at electric vehicle owners and green development focused public

Enhancement of your corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness

Improvement of your image and empowerment of your sales arguments

Possible lease and/or compensation per kWh (depending on the location)

If you are a fleet owner:

Drastically reduce your fleet operating costs and

and save valuable resources from your budget for

Corporate Social Responsibility actions. More specifically:

Drastically reduce your vehicle maintenance costs, if your fleet is privately owned

Drastically reduce the running costs of your vehicles

Take advantage of the enormous communication potential of green charging offered to your fleet by Blink Europe and add a new dimension to the Corporate Social Responsibility of your company

Draw resources from corporate social responsibility funds, especially by replacing conventional cars with electric vehicles that are charged exclusively with green electricity.

Charging without borders

Blink Europe is member of the global Hubject network

Blink Europe‘s chargers are a reference point for all who come to Greece with their electric car, looking for charging points! This is assured, considering that Blink Europe is a partner of Hubject.Hubject is a consortium set up by world-leading companies in the automotive, energy and technology industries, such as BMW Group, Daimler, Siemens and Volkswagen Group, with the aim to create a digital cross-border network of electric vehicle charging services. With more than 300 partners across the globe, over 140,000 charging points across three continents are connected to the Hubject platform.


Access to Hubject offered in Greece by Blink Europe, comes with the following benefits:

Its customers can charge their vehicles all around the world at competitive rates.


With a Blink Europe, account, anyone can charge from all other Hubject member companies.


Likewise, all customers of the companies that constitute Hubjectcan charge their vehicles with Blink Europe chargers.

Identification and payment

Intangible and secure payments under the full supervision of Blink Europe

The use of Blink Charging Europe‘s digital platform requires identification of both the car and the driver, in full compliance with the GDPR, in order to prevent illegal use of Blink Charging Europe, accounts, to ensure complete payment security, and to provide electronic proof of all transactions.



More specifically, identification is done as follows:

With the driver’s personal RFID card

Through the Blink International app available for Android and IOS

Payment for the electric vehicle charging services provided through the chargers of Blink Charging Europe, is done electronically, in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and under the full supervision and responsibility of Blink Charging Europe.

More specifically, Blink Charging Europe customers can make payments through their debit or credit card, on Blink’s easy-to-use digital platform.

In any case, payments are intangible and are made with absolute security.

Sign up for the Blink platform

Simple, easy and absolutely safe

At Blink Europe we use state-of-the-art encryption technologies to secure the communication of the users with the platform. Registration on the Blink platform is free of charge and fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Why choose Blink Europe?

The perfect choice for property and fleet owners

Blink Europe is superior to any other company in the field, as it is the only one that can and does offer at the same time:



Blink Europe undertakes the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of charging equipment, full billing of the charging services, and after-sales support. Moroever, it has the technology to remotely update and upgrade the chargers and address possible malfunctions.



As a member of Hubject, Blink Europe ensures easy and cross-border access to our chargers by visitors who come to Greece driving electric vehicles.



Blink Europe customers charge their vehicles with electricity generated from renewable energy sources – more specifically, by the wind and solar parks of the EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG). This green electricity is distributed to the electric vehicle charging network through the electricity supply and marketing company WE ENERGY, a member of the EEG Group.



Blink Europe guarantees the reliability internationally established by American giant Blink Charging Co. for 10 years, as well as its vast know-how as the world’s leading company with a proprietary network of electric vehicle chargers.



Charging electric vehicles is a regulated service under the control of supervisory authorities, as it affects the operation of national energy systems. Blink Europe has management platforms for all of its chargers and associated power systems that are fully compliant not only with current, but also future regulatory requirements.



In cooperation with the EEG Group, Blink Charging Europe provides a comprehensive energy solution for properties that host charging points. More specifically, we can offer solutions that combine the installation of renewable energy sources with storage systems and chargers to achieve a total energy solution.


  • How does a charging station work?

    The electric vehicle charging station is essential for the operation of electric cars. Instead of petrol tanks, electric cars have a power socket that allows charging of their battery. By connecting the EV to the charging station via a power cord, the battery is charged, and the car is ready for travel again.

  • Why choose an electric car?

    There are many reasons one can think of switching from a conventional, to an electric car. Electric cars have much lower travel costs, are free of fuel dependency, require significantly less maintenance costs and are non-polluting. And these are just a few of the reasons why the change is worth it!

  • Who is responsible for the power costs of the charger?

    Blink fully covers electricity costs that relate exclusively to electric vehicle charging services.

  • Can I buy the charger?

    Of course you can. However, Blink offers a comprehensive business solution to EV charging. Your location provides the charging station for EV drivers, and Blink provides integrated charging service management as well as remote control, power management and equipment maintenance.

  • Wouldn’t the vehicle charging process or equipment interfere with the proper use of the property?

    That’s out of the question. Blink makes good and diligent use of the designated areas for the installation of charging equipment and common areas. It organises the works and operation of the chargers in such a way as not to impede the smooth use of the property.

  • Why choose Blink?

    As proprietor of the charging station, Blink offers complete verticalisation and manufactures, installs, manages, and supports EV charging stations. It offers the possibility to connect to the Blink network, a platform through which it manages and monitors the charging stations and is updated on all relevant data. This is the most complete charging service structure in existence.

  • Why green charging?

    Electric vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to transport. Key precondition for this, is the greatest possible penetration of RES in the charging of vehicles. Ensuring green charging should be a priority, in order to highlight the value of electric mobility for the future.

    Through WE ENERGY & EEG Group you provide certified clean, green EV charging electricity coming from 100% renewable sources.

  • Blink or another electricity provider?

    EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) and Blink Charging Co., USA, as a joint venture, created Blink Europe in order to introduce Europe to the electric vehicle charging market. EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) is the first Greek Group to produce and supply electricity exclusively from Renewable Energy Sources.
    The Electric Vehicle Charging Network utilises energy generated by EEG from Renewable Sources and distributed through its subsidiary WE ENERGY, with the relevant certificates of origin. The clean energy of the Blink network is the new driving force for electric cars and the green economy, starting in Greece and soon to expand into other European markets.

  • Where can a charging station be installed?

    Charging stations can be installed (a) in private and public general access areas, and (b) in private access only areas.
    In any case, our goal is to ensure a smooth process of vehicle charging.

    Gov. Gazette – Terms, conditions and specifications for electric vehicle charging stations.

  • Why install charging stations in my business?

    Because doing so turns your property into a prime destination for any electric vehicle driver, giving you a great comparative advantage. During charging, the owner of the EV stays in your area for a longer amount of time, and this is encouraging, at least, to the services and products you offer. The value of your building increases, and you can take advantage of potential advertising profits. It also enhances your business status by gaining a “green profile”.

  • Are there any immediate additional economic benefits to installing chargers?

    Blink offers flexible business models tailored to the needs of each owner. These may include a rent for the charger installation spot, advertising revenue associated with EV charging, and more.

  • Do you also install DC chargers?

    Fast DC chargers require a more elaborate electrical infrastructure. At the same time, the cost of power generated is significantly higher than that of AC chargers, increasing the energy costs for the consumer. Therefore, we recommend DC chargers for long distance charging; they are our main choice for national road networks, as the driver’s needs there require significantly shorter charging times. On the contrary, in urban conditions, our proposal usually includes AC chargers, since urban charging allows for longer, more economical charging times.

  • How do I charge my vehicle at a Blink station?

    Anyone can charge their electric car at a Blink charging station without the need of a membership. However, becoming a member of Blink has significant advantages. As members, drivers receive their individual driver card and enjoy reduced rates at public charging stations across the country. Membership is completely free, with no annual or monthly charges.
    Each member driver has a unique customer account that they can create in just a few minutes through the Blink app. Once the account is created, the driver can top up his account with as much money as he wishes by simply using a debit or credit card. Through the application, the driver locates the exact site of the charger station, selects the charger he wants to use and, once identified, connects the charging cable to the vehicle. The digital display of the charger provides an overview of the instantaneous power consumption and total energy consumed during charging. The display is a key element of the charging process, as the indication of the energy consumed also forms the basis for the amount paid by the driver. To ensure maximum precision in energy measurement, all Blink chargers have special meters certified according to the European Union MID standard. Drivers receive notifications on their smartphones for each charging step; upon completion they receive an email with all detailed information.

  • How long does it take to charge?

    Charging times vary, depending on the power of the charging station and the model of the electric vehicle. Each electric vehicle has a specific charging power, usually ranging from 3.7kW to 43kW for AC charging, and this power can be increased up to 150kW for DC charging. For example, at a 22kW charging station, the Renault Zoe fully charges in less than 2 hours.

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